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Words of the Chosen Speaker
Arusi of the Raftbourne
Recent Entries 
11th-Mar-2011 05:09 pm - Quiet Days
B&W colored eyes white veil
I thought my days were quiet before, but find them even more so now. Suri has left to do something, I know not what. I am not even sure if he will return or not. I'm uncertain what to think.

My days in the City are interesting. I have made friends with a few merchants who have consented to trade agreements. I have also been doing a little trade in Arden as well.

I met someone there the other day who has intrigued me. There is much to learn before Midsummer, I've been told. I can only hope to be worthy of this in the end. At least now, I have managed to gain some power with plants, a connection growing there.

I still wish I knew what happened to Suri. I guess I will have to continue my looks into Weirmonken by myself now.
27th-Oct-2010 10:41 am - Weirmonken
blue veil
And so we have traveled to the land of my father. It is not what I expected. And in some ways, far more than I did as well.

It is cold here. I am not used to the woods that surround us. We camp in a den in the wilds. Suri has warned me constantly of the dangers that can be found in these lands, and so I learned first hand while fishing with Bao. Ghouls, he called them. The dead bodies animated by foul magics. Horrible, and yet easily destroyed by Bao, thankfully.

We are back in the City now. I returned to camp a second time to find visitors there that included the woman that Suri works for and guards. She was injured. I sense that Suri believes it is his fault somehow, though she told him to take the time off.

I busy myself with meeting more merchants.
22nd-Oct-2010 12:23 pm - Arrival
B&W colored eyes white veil
I have arrived in Amber City. My raft has joined others in a curious floating city that makes me think of tribe and family in a broader scale. I was not expecting that.

I have spoken with Prince-Regent Bleys, and gained permission to seek merchants for trade. Managed to find a few who seem open to the idea, and hope to find more.

I met the Weir that I ran into back home briefly. I've spoken to him a few times, and he's promised to teach me what he knows of Weirmonken to perhaps give me clues of who my father might be. Or at least, what sort of man he might have been. We are to travel to Weirmonken even, so that I might see the land where my father came from.

Bao is uncertain of this land we're in, and stays at my side constantly. He told me the Weir stinks of dog, and doesn't know why I would wish to hang out with him.
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